Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm an introvert yet have the desire to share my thoughts about my love for beauty, fashion, travel & any random but special moments of my life. I've been meaning to set up my blog for ages now but because I tend to be perfectionist I ended up not getting anything done. A lot of doubts battling within me such as: I'm not worthy of this space, I don't have any interesting stories to tell, I'm not good in writing and the list goes on. Also, I'm such a procrastinator! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all introverts are exactly the same as there are a lot of empowering introverts out there. I'm just so happy that  my blog is already live. Yey! I could not thank the Lord enough for His grace and unconditional love. Finally, I've taken the plunge to do it.

Every time I spend hours watching YouTube videos and reading blogs done by beauty gurus, I always find myself thinking "I could also do that!"; well maybe not as nice as theirs. The happiness that it brings me encourages me to express myself and to be a better me. With this being said, I wanted also to channel good feels to other people. In my own little ways I can inspire others and spread some love but if none of it will happen I'm still okay. The important thing here is that I'm moving forward in becoming a better me with God's guidance.

I could still share more about myself but this would be so 'TMI' already. Anyways, you will get to know more about me as we go along.

I really hope that you will like it. Thank you so much for dropping by. God bless!