Lifestyle Creep

Excitedly entering the mall, heading directly to the clothes section, handpicking and fitting here and there. After an hour or so, I got myself a bag full of clothes checked out. Count myself lucky for finding some pretty good deals. Oh, what a lovely day.

Got home, happy and satisfied. Guess it's another addition to the closet that is already full. And let's just hope the new ones will be worn at least once or might never get worn and most probably will be hanging in the closet.

"How will she be able to manage to wear all the clothes she owns?", my brother exclaimed to my mother looking at what seemed to be unnecessary clothing.

Come another beautiful after-shift day, it's another great day to spend time on an emotional shopping spree. It's a good buy, I thought so, and yet this has been ongoing and seems like a vicious cycle I could not stop. A never-ending insatiable pursuit of more.


A hallmark of lifestyle creep is a change in thinking and behavior that sees spending on non-essential items as a right rather than a choice.

Right on point, that certain, "I deserve this" self-entitlement reason is why many hold on to this lifestyle which fuels this loop.

You eat out at a fancy restaurant, travel, splurge on a new outfit but so quietly you get stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. It becomes a habit.

You buy things because you get this rush, you have this excitement, and can't wait to have this item. When you finally own this item, an emotional spur rises up but now when you look at it, yeah it's cool stuff but it's just a dress or a bag but you're not as excited when you bought it.

There's this adaptation of humans when we have a new thing for a while, we get used to it and eventually we take it for granted. That's why buying things isn't the answer. It's important to understand and break the cycle.

Because honestly, you were fine not having these things and now it became a necessity. Suddenly, the cheap bags are not good enough compare to designer bags.

Keeping up with the Joneses, keeping up with the appearances. Upping up your game to attract people to get more likes, proving that you can afford to match your income. Seeking approval from other people. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with enjoying those extra luxuries. I mean, we all like our stuff. I'm not judging. I wouldn't mind owning something I really like in which I know I will get to enjoy at least every single day.

However, let's be real, we know that some own lots of luxury items but never get to enjoy every single piece. A single piece might be used only once and some they never use at all. The reason being, there is just a ton to choose from. I'm not even talking about the price of each item that hasn't been used. It's such a sad story. I'm uninspired, unimpressed–really.

On the other hand, some look after their luxury item very carefully every time they use them. I mean, I get that you need to be careful because it's expensive and an investment piece as some may say but at least I want to enjoy it while using it because I bought it, I own it for myself. But if you need to baby those stuff, I don't know, count me out. Are you being true to yourself at the moment? Maybe it's time to reflect.

It's important to know when we have enough in life, to know what we need and don't need in life. 

Being grateful for what we have. Most of us already have what we needed in life.

Being grateful for the life we have while creating the life we desire.  

We are not defined by the things that we have or by any outside forces.

“Life is about making an impact, not making an income.” –  Kevin Kruse

The thing is, the more I mature, the more I understand what really matters. This intricately beautiful 'becoming'' phase has completely changed the way I see things. I'm way more practical now.

Even if I can afford it, is it really worth it to put my money with that crazy huge amount? Is it really real for me?

I know the feeling of having without and the feeling to finally have. That's why I'm not against those things that are important quality life matters. However, if you go over the top, you'll know that it will never bring you joy and value.

I know I just need basics. I can choose pieces that I genuinely love without spending a lot. I'm inspired to live a life towards simple living that allows me to give my attention to more important things in life.

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