Draw Some Loving Boundaries

As I got acquainted with all the procedures, I found myself gradually drowning. At first glance, everything seems ordinary. Although the place was brighter than usual, I knew I'd been there many times. And as I looked closer, I saw a familiar energy. It's the same energy that suffocates one's soul.

They need my assistance, I thought. But is that so? Or perhaps the most probable reason is, I ought to do it because they demanded. After all, they see me as being available all the time with nothing much to do. These were just some of their own truth of me along with the role that they imposed on me.

I started my day and ended it drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I wasn't sure how to protect myself. I knew I had to draw the line.


What self-love really looks like? Is it choosing yourself over and over again? Or is it measured by how much love you've given to others?

Sometimes you don't realize that someone else's emotion is wreaking havoc on you until you feel that you're slowly losing yourself. You've done your best to meet on what they think is right. You've helped in the natural and yet for them, you are still not doing enough.

An appointment of a guilt-free time for yourself is much needed. Self-love and self-respect is a source of power in your life and this could be a gift that you can give to others.

Are you going to suffer for their needs over your own? Are you going to give your best intentions even if you notice that your health is starting to suffer as a result of your attempt to help other people?

It’s important to set healthy and loving boundaries. You deserve to be respected and to be allowed to thrive and be your best. When you set boundaries, you are being authentic and not afraid of being judged.

We are not setting boundaries in a way we're pushing people away from us, this is meant to take care of ourselves. There’s a difference between setting boundaries out of fear and love. It’s just like you’re saying, I’m choosing this but the other person doesn’t share with your choice and opted for a different one. You both agreed and respected each other, there is a sense of oneness. It is still coming from a place of love.

Oftentimes people fail and cross our personal boundaries. Even our own self we unknowingly violate our own boundary. It's necessary to exercise forgiveness. Release the struggle and find forgiveness. After all, it's for our peace of mind.


For only one instance I wasn't able to accommodate their expectation, unkind words started to show and their resentment flared up. It's as if my own priorities got invalidated. To be honest, I wasn't surprised by their true personality.

I recognize myself as an empath. That’s how most of the time I end up crying while watching or listening to emotional stories. My awareness of the emotions of those around me is pretty high and I can read other people's energy and vibration well at the onset. 

Without me knowing, I learned to simply receive it as a knowing and not to absorb it. I'm glad I did.

As I make some major shifts in my life, I have learned to truly value myself. I know that I always have a choice. That it's okay to say no to people who don't deserve access to my energy, no to people who don't genuinely see my worth and to say yes to people who I really don't have to perform for, to people who are really attracted to me because of who I am. On how I show up in the world, by my gifts, motivation, and love.

Our beauty lies in our imperfections, vulnerabilities, strength, values. When we embrace who we are and show up authentically? We open ourselves up to real love, relationship and happiness.

We all have limits in some areas of our life. Too much of anything or anyone in our life depletes us. Establishing healthy and loving boundaries lets other people know how to love and respect us more.

I stumbled upon one said, "I set boundaries and I know that that's love and I know that that's compassion and empathy. I am no longer subscribe to the idea that I have to do other people's work for them energetically, emotionally, in order to be considered a kind person."

I hope you choose happiness. I hope you choose kindness. I hope you choose you.

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  1. Yes to healthy boundaries! ;)