Once Upon A Time

"Tell us a story!", as my nephew repeated the phrase of what was addressed to him, he then mumbled, "Once Upon a Time..."

For a second it felt like a look back with nostalgia. 

Exactly the beginning of almost every children's storybook or movie that we are all familiar with when we were young.
It typically starts with the narration of the main character which then delves deep into character development. 
You don't hear or read a story that begins with the second or third person, it always starts with the first person where the whole story revolves. He or she is the hero or heroine.

However, it's a fact that it's easier to tell a story than to live a story. To tell a story is to be in the second or third person, to live a story is to be in the first person.

Unfortunately, most people go through life just telling a story.

Are you telling a story? or living a story?

There's a contrast between living your story because you are actually in it, while compare to simply existing that usually results in losing your identity.

The latter connotes a life on autopilot which is controlled by some external factors. 

You wake up, hardly roll out of bed because you need to go to work, and then repeat the same steps all over again. There may be some little twists and tweaks, but you still go through each day after day without going to terms with what you really want. 

This means going through life without you doing any different, or at best, you tolerate. Years went by and you feel like you have messed up.

You want to do something that matters to you but you are stuck on a job that is not fulfilling and you are not getting older.

Does this sound just like you?

Fulfillment is not always a matter of income. It means that you can lie down at night and know that what you did today made a difference in someone's life.

You know deep down that you are indeed truly happy.

Your heart sings for joy and at peace at the moment.

You know that you are on the right path, you are in the core strength of your story, not in the absence of difficulties. 

This is you, you are living your life. 

No pretensions, just your own authentic self.

What is your message that you can share with the world?
I hope that you don't take the edge off the message that God created you to share.

It's a beautiful thing to flesh out and to live your story. One day, you would be able to say, "Once upon a time, there lies a hopeful dreamer. There goes through the process and seasons of life but that dreamer knows that the best version of himself/herself is what the world needs to see.

Wipe your face, strengthen your back, hold your head up, and fight. You are more than a conqueror.
Update your life, this is you, not then.

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