Hand of God

What God is going to do in your life is not just going to be in private. People around you see His power. It's nothing ordinary and there's no doubt that it is the hand of God.

What is it like when daydreams become reality? I remember spending my time daydreaming about traveling abroad. In my early years of working, these travel thoughts would come out of the blue. I do not just try to feel what it is like to explore but to actually envision what I would wear (which probably comes from my love for fashion). Whenever I own new clothes I would visualize myself wearing it on my travel. Strangely enough, the thing is, even if my heart and mind wished for it, it didn't happen. I probably knew it takes action for it to happen but you all would agree that there are instances in life that time and circumstances won't let it.

It's funny that as time passed by and as I certainly gained more wisdom, that yearning didn't intensify. Well, I know for sure it hasn't left me. It still remains strong within me but there's a difference now. From the anxious feeling of a need and make haste, it transitioned into the excitement of what's in store for me and the assurance of His perfect time. What I mean by that is to focus on what's important. Being grateful for what you have at the moment and offer it to God and loving the life that He has given you. Taking time to know and love yourself, and when you do that, you honor God. Sometimes we forget these simplest of truths. We go through life coasting around and fail to unravel the gifts and possibilities.
I never considered myself being able to travel in three different countries within a single year. Not when I'm at this season and now it is far from an absolute daydream because it is now a reality. It's unmistakably God's work in my life. When I'm such at a disadvantage, He puts everything into place. I am caught in awe.
Have you experienced that too?
Now there may be some obstacles for sure, doubts and fear were some. I'm saying that it's not that we didn't pray and prepare for it but along the way God has shown great things that made it all possible. Time and time again, it is something unprecedented.
Sometimes, God will show out in your life not so much for your sake, but to show other people that the Lord is on your side. That's why you don't have to prove to people who you are. You don't have to try to convince them to like you. You don't have to waste your time worrying about people that are not for you. Keep running your race, honoring God, doing your best and He will take you into overflow. 
The depth of understanding of how I receive God's goodness now wouldn't match if it happened too early. I know I wasn't ready before. The thing is, I'm so hard to deal with, I needed to gain more maturity in our relationship. On the other hand, the husband who used to be my boyfriend before was not a fan of spending money on travel. I swear, I had to do some convincing during our travels with our friends and I also had to pay my own travel expense just so he won't feel that we were shelling out a lot of money. He's so disciplined with his expenses and I'm the not-so-responsible one. ^^ Well now, the husband loves to travel with me. He was the one who initiated with all the travel details from booking the flight to booking our stay. I mean I could go on. He also gained some wisdom along the way which prepared us.
"God, display your awesome power through me. I believe you can take me where I can't go on my own. Let me not only see your goodness but use me to show other people how great you are."
When God is at work you'll never doubt His timing. He certainly knows what's best and what our heart truly desires even our own don't know it exists. I for one experienced that truth. I thought I simply want to travel, explore and enjoy but to share these moments with my forever love is a different thing and to be able to put into words to share my story to other people through blogging is another thing. 

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