Set Apart

"In the World but Not of the World" 

A few months ago we were blessed to have traveled and, it was actually my first out of the country trip. Although, this is not about our travel just yet. This is about something that I realized even before the trip.

Do you remember during your kindergarten when you have to introduce yourself and share what you would want to be when you grow up? I do, and my husband laughs at the story. As shameful as it sounds, I didn't have anything in particular on what I would want to be. So what I did, I mimic the one which for me sounded cool and nice and uttered that I want to be a "Flight Stewardess". You bet that I'm not kidding because this was the term in the early days but now they are known as "Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew". Normally as a child, you usually are full of dreams so I don't know why at that time I couldn't think of anything that fires me up. Blame it on my temperament that always needs nurturing, guidance and loads of encouragement.

It's when you come to a point in your life and realize that in some way your past connects to your current "Whys". My husband even pointed out that maybe the reason why I want/love to travel because of that. In a joking manner of course but it's kind of an aha moment for me. I didn't recognize it was there or it was something special because of course who doesn't want to travel, right? It's normal for someone to want to explore, travel, be on an adventure and have fun. I sensed deep down inside of me that I've always been fascinated by the thought of going to places and wanting to experience what it feels like. Certainly, this longing didn't start when I was young. Somehow, instances and people were the ones that played the role of stirring that something that is already inside of me. Whenever I see posts from friends sharing their travels, I always find myself daydreaming. However, there's this dark reality that it is out of envy, pride, and approval.
True enough, I got the chance to travel every once in a while but I can't help but take notice that it's more fulfilling when I do it out of gratitude, of surrender and knowing that God wants me to have a life of abundancesomething on a deeper level. Life is not about us. It's not about what you do and how much you worked hard to attain that certain position and be able to book that dream vacation. If you fall into that trap you wouldn't be able to recognize that it all comes from God. You would end up being proud of yourself and only for yourself. It's a scary place and I am glad that God has dealt it with me. It's a journey with God and the assurance that He doesn't live us alone with our messes.

Well, you know by now I didn't end up as a "flight stewardess". I'm far close to being an adventure seeker, I prefer traveling in comfort. The good news is that I'm doing my best to be a good steward in every area of my life. It's the little seed that God has planted in the womb of my spirit. That I'm not my own, I belong to Him. That I'm set apart for special use and greater purpose. I don't have to worry, to compare, and even to impress people. My worth and value are not on what I do. I don't have to be upset if I don't do everything in perfect all the time because I belong to somebody that's greater than anybody else. I could have traveled a lot more before (if I wanted to) but just end up to be proud of some selfish reason. Now I understand that it's all meaningless. Only by the grace of God that I get to enjoy life's glory and not my own.

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