Filled with Hope

Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen or that events will turn out to be the best.
What are your hopes in your life? 
At the same way, what does it mean to be filled with hope?

There are days when you feel the best is soaring high and there are days when you feel you're going down. Even though you know why still, courage is just nowhere to be found.
How do we win the conflict within? 
Evidently, we all struggle at some point in life. It's important to have that emotional strength within. The one that can pull you up again and again. The will to diligently choose not to give in to a downcast spirit.
When you closely assess yourself, you realized that it's there all along. That hope that is so vivid right before your eyes. You know that is the reason why you still keep on believing.
I'm definitely not talking about the 'cross your fingers' kind of hope here. I'm talking about the kind of hope with expectancy and confidence that the events we hoped for will be fulfilled. The one that is rooted in righteous conviction. 
As inevitable as a situation can get us down, we better own up to it. Take on the full armor and exercise our faith in God. Not only expectation but confidence and assurance that victory is upon us.
"Perseverance in godliness is the proof of the genuineness of a person's salvation" 
For I know whom I have believed and He is able. For to me, I will keep on pressing for I know that I got the real deal.

How about you, what's the driving force in your life?
"Never stop believing in Hope because miracles happen every day."

Let us hold unswervingly to the Hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23)

Maybe the best takeaway that you can have is the simple three words: Hope in God!
A filled with hope life means a full assurance of Hope and that kind of Hope never disappoints.

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