Blessed Beyond Measure: Our Wedding

This is the day that the Lord has made. Our wedding day.

This love is like an expression of God's love towards me, a love that is pure and true.

After 9 long years in a relationship, we finally tied the knot. It sounds like such a hard work of waiting but honestly, it doesn't feel like it. I can't explain why and I'm not even kidding. Maybe it's the work of God within us that keeps us sane and simply enjoying what He's been blessing us every moment. 
engagement ring and wedding ring
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Wedding Color Motif: Silver, Rose Gold, Lilac and Dusty Rose
And so, it's not just one or two but four color motif. I could say that this is to get away from the norm but really I didn't expect it to turn out that way. So much that my favorite are pastel colors, but it's kinda off with our simple yet elegant wedding theme, and with the season as well, also it would feel so girly. So I decided to lean on shiny colors which I also love. Thus, silver and rose gold which is by the way I'm obsessing with anything rose gold now, came up. But then, I want my flower girls and usherettes to stand out as well, so dusty rose and lilac entered the picture. Overall, I love how it brought colors, especially during our ceremony. It represents how colorful our love is.

Shall I give out specific mention of my wedding bouquet? Aside from the other kinds of beautiful flowers that our florist used, definitely the one that stood out are the peonies. It's actually my personal request to use peonies on my wedding bouquet. The story was a love at first sight at least virtually when I first saw peonies from a travel vlog. Right then and there I knew this is the kind of flower that I want for my wedding bouquet. Ahh, it's thick and huge ruffled bloom, it's stunningly beautiful. So you can imagine how happy I am to see it live for the first time.

On the other hand, we chose a picture holder for our giveaways. Since we are a couple who's fond of taking pictures, I felt like this is the best for our wedding giveaways. It's also useful if you like to display picture or even postcard right at your desk. While for our invitation, we opted to a pretty basic and simple print.out. I must say that our supplier is the best when it comes to quality. 
peonies: wedding bouquet, wedding invitation and giveraways
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I love how I kept our squad small yet you cannot deny the sincerity and how genuine their happiness for us. Not to mention the chaotic fun during robes, bridesmaids and maid of honor
groom with his best man and groomsmenNow for our venue, I must say that we've gone through a couple of possible venues. My ideal set-up is to have a separate area for each ceremony and reception program. But none of them could achieve the set-up that I wanted and if they do then it would mean a separate rental fee for another hall or otherwise, I will have to settle with squeezing in the entire wedding program in the same area.  I was super happy the moment we did the ocular visit to this hotel. Not only that they offered it as a single rental area, the place is simply amazing, the hallway is big and I will be able to have a different feel which means having separate doorway for each. Surely, we were involved in every detail of our wedding preparation. After our wedding, I realized that I might have a future in this kind of wedding event planning.haha.kidding!
For our wedding decorations. As I've mentioned in my previous post on how I totally dig to the flower wall, it doesn't stop there. Our florist really did a great job in designing our ceremony and reception area. I personally want our ceremony to have that private and intimate wedding feel. I want to have a church vibe that will showcase solemnity of the event and that is the reason why at first we were aiming to put a big cross at the center but could not find any supplier. Good thing the venue has a lot of big white walls that we can use as a backdrop. I appreciate the venue's approval of my request to cover our ceremony area with a white cloth. It instantly transformed the entire look of it from a regular convention hall hotel to a totally different kind of feel. Although we discussed on every detail that our florist will be using, I have one specific request to our florist which was to have it all white from the aisle runner, decors, and flowers. And then, goes our florist's magical hands in adding some subtle puff of colors. 
For our reception, the area was huge. I'm so happy that I really decided to go for a ball gown.haha. Of course, I cannot thank our florist enough for the tunnel entrance. It was simply the best! The stage looked stunning as well and certainly our lights and sounds supplier finished it up with a great performance that made it all look and feel more alive.
dream wedding ceremony
white themed and elegant wedding
beautiful tunnel entrance wedding reception design
Okay so, we've gone through a little bit of discussion on what would be our first dance song. I know you wouldn't be surprised that it was I who insisted on this song but I was open to any suggestion.haha. Eventually, he approved it because who wouldn't? This is such a beautiful, magical and timeless song. As we enter into a new chapter of our life, this is the one song that's so perfect. 
Our first dance song is "A Whole New World". ❤ ♡ 
A little fun fact, we also played a Disney song for our reception entrance dance which is "Love Is An Open Door"...and don't mind me asking whose idea was that? :D
magical wedding reception
 To be honest, having a chandelier cake wasn't my first choice but as we move on with deciding the best cake, we realized that it's the perfect cake for us. I mean, just look at how elegant and unique is the cake. I cannot ask for more. Also, our cake supplier was the one who designed the whole setup of the cake from the arc to the chandelier and also to designing our dessert buffet. Too bad our photographer didn't provide any pictures of our dessert buffet. :( It was so nicely designed plus most of our dessert designs we requested to have a Starcraft theme because you know, the husband is the gamer. It includes a mini cake wherein our cake supplier also had a fun design of the bride pulling her husband away from too much gaming.haha. I wish I could show you an official picture.
I loved how simple, minimalist and yet elegant looking our loveseat was. We were rooting for a more luxurious looking loveseat though which is still white but, it's already booked for another event. There was another one which is from other supplier but the color wasn't suited for our theme. Turned out this was the perfect loveseat for us. 
unique chandelier wedding cake
The cake symbolizes prosperity while the wine is purified by the love of God, this marriage is guided by the love of God.
The husband sang "Beautiful in White" during the bridal march and even sang as well during our reception which is a song by Ed Sheeran "Perfect". ^^ A friend commented that they didn't expect it would be him who will sing because I'm the one who really loves singing. I'm like, yeah but I don't have the golden voice and I'm the shy! But the truth is, he is certainly the one that has a good taste in music more than I.
groom singing to bride
We are so blessed to have my brother-in-law who's a pastor to officiate our wedding. He made us feel so much at ease the entire ceremony. I'm thankful that he was able to deliver a Christ-centered wedding message that I'm sure that has touched all who witnessed our wedding.our Christian wedding
As endless as forever
Our love will stay together
You're all I need to be with forevermore.
~ insert my big sis version ^^
This is the exact song that my sister sang at that time before we delivered our vow for each other. Ahh, I can still linger that moment. It's also a good thing that we have an audio record of the entire ceremony program. I can just play it anytime, so thankful for my other brother-in law who've done it.
God is the center of our marriage

God loves me and blessed me with the man of my prayers
Apparently, I tried my very best not to be too emotional because I'm really an emotional person. I cry easily even on small things.

our wedding vow
The ring symbolizes the covenant for each other and with the Lord.
God is good in our lives
The coins symbolize God's provision and the couple must reflect that God is the giver and taker of everything. In everything, the Lord is the source of every blessing.
Our dream wedding
The bible is the best book for every married couple. It reminds us that God's advise is greater than anyone. This is also a reminder that Jesus must be the center of your marriage.
Our wedding day
Infinite bond of love and oneness of marriage.
Light of the Lord
The light and life of marriage is the fullness of God's presence within the couple.
oneness with the Lord
Without God, they cannot experience the enjoyment and blissfulness of being one before the presence of the Lord.
 So my laugh says it all. :) Thank you Lord for this love. 
overflowing love and joy
...and now it's always the best day ever!
the best day ever
Here's our group shot right after the program. Our heart is full. It was indeed an intimate wedding that we wanted. We are thankful for everyone who came and being cooperative with our dress code especially, to our sponsors.
Also, good thing that we decided to have the smoke background as a finale because some were not used to the strong smell of the smoke. On the other hand, the heart confetti was literally fun! Thankful for our supplier because it was simply amazing as well as their entrance confetti during our reception. A little confession, we were aiming for the indoor fireworks which can be set on each side of the dance floor but sad to say that the venue didn't allow us even if our supplier is professional with fireworks-related. I honestly felt disappointed because we saw it in a video being used in the same place and event. It would have been amazing but I guess that their main issue is with the safety. 
thankful for our closest friend and family
our big day with our family and friends
our wedding day is the best
The latter picture was indeed one of the best wherein we used the heart confetti (which lasted for a few minutes) and smoke background. We even get to do a countdown, so timely for the season as we greeted everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :D
We're eternally grateful for each and everyone who witnessed our wedding. Despite a number of expected guests were unable to attend due to the bad weather and personal matter. Even my sister and her husband weren't able to attend, we were so sad because everything was set from the flight that's already booked but then unforeseen situation happened. Still, we are thankful that God is in control and everything went well on their end. I'm not denying the frustrations and why's encountered during our wedding preparations, sometimes we want it to be all so perfect. But I'm always reminded of our prayer to the Lord for our wedding day that His name will be highlighted. Not how nice our wedding would be or even how appealing our love story would be but only for His name will be glorified.
Truly a joyous Christmas and New Year! ❤︎ 

Click here to watch our Wedding Photo SDE: Leonnell and Jennifer Wedding Photo SDE 

Here's Our Wedding SDE:

--- DETAILS ---
Venue: Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Lahug
Coordinator: Junie Tangub
Photo: Cheklits Photoworks by Chelito Bestorillo
Video: JJAM Films 
HMUA: Janice Daniel
Dessert and Cake: Shebz Cakes Cebu by Shebz Abunda
Florist: Mary Am Flowers and More by Christine Monteclar
Kneeler & Loveseat: Simple Wishes
Confetti: Pyroworks 
Sounds & Lights: Kent Audio Cebu
Giveaways: Present's and Such
Online Invitation:
Invitations: Laser Writer
The bride, Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids Robe/s: La Sposa Bridal Robes
Wedding Gown: Beckett's Bridal Shop (you might refer to this post)
Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Flowergirls Gown: Ysabelle Bridals
Grooms Attire: Michel Andre
Ushers, Bearers, Best Man, and Groomsmen Attire: Kolosas Boutique
Usherettes Gown: Noelle West Bridals
Photobooth: I Pic U Photobooth Services

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  1. This is so sweet. I enjoyed reading this post. My sister also writes amazingly well and she is planning to write about my wedding too. On the other hand, I am looking for event halls for rent so that I can host her book release party. We love each other a lot.

    1. Hello, thank you for your kind words. Hope this helps! Also, if you don't mind, you may share the link of your blog for me to check. I'd be glad to read. Cheers! :)

  2. Ah.. so blessed! Congratulations Leonell and Jenn! May your marriage be heaven on earth. So happy to both of you especially kay Leonell taas gyud iyang wait but It's worth it! :)