Camp Retreat

Let's take a break for a while from all the love series posts and let me take you to this camp place right here. The campsite is named "Camp Bato" (bato means rock/stone) because of the huge mountain of stone which you can see on the picture below. 
Aahh, this place brings so much feels and meaning to me. I can't deny that it's so dear to me. It has been 10 years since I last set foot in this campsite. I know this for sure, this is where God took a strong hold of me and the main reason why my faith is deeply rooted. Fact is, not just me but thousands of lives have been touched and transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ in this beautiful place. 
Have you been to a camp retreat? I personally attended at least 5 times (that I could count of) during my high school and college days. I've also experienced being one of the camp counselor/staff. It's amazing how God's work reveals in this place. It's a place wherein you can bond with fellow believers, away from the city life (you can hardly get signal in here), the fresh smell and breeze of the air and there are times when it's cold season you will get a wonderful experience with fog. I can't put into words how I'm in awe of His greatness. Indeed glory and honor to Him alone.
Camp Retreat
Apparently, this place is being renovated. It's time to change for safety as well as for bigger and better ones. All the cabins are fairly new which have new cabin names on it. It's named after the 12 foundation stones of the New Jerusalem. There's supposed to be 6 cabins on each side (coast to coast). I remember during camp, the boys and girls have different assigned cabins. Either all girls are assigned to the leftmost side cabins or the other way around and the place is quite big so you really have to walk a couple of steps to go to the other side. While the Session Hall which is the Chapel and Dining Hall (bottom right of the pic) is still under construction. 
cabin rooms
This is the old staff house, I'm sure that this will be replaced soon. This look is the same as the old cabins just that staff house is a two-storey. As far as I know, there are missionaries (evangelical building ministries) who are helping in rebuilding the camp. Even though most of it is already new, they managed to retain the same look as it was before but so much better. And with that, it still brings back all the fun memories from all the activities (assigned chores, games, banquet night..) to life-changing experiences (praise&worships, missionary night and so on)
mountain side camp
at the amphitheater
Though none go with me, still I will follow. No turning back, no turning back...

Can I just say that this place gives you astounding sky cloud formation, I can't help but take a lot of pictures. At night time, the breathtaking stars will greet you. It's like my eyes got glued to how I'm amazed seeing the stars. I can't blame why my husband was so energized in taking pictures that night or it took us until midnight chasing for stars and Milkyway. I must say, I got scared because it was only the two of us who's awake and I can hear sounds of night crickets plus the cold wind and you can see the vastness of the forest right in front of you. I can't even. (scaredy cat ^^)

I'm super happy that I get to share this now with my husband. I was still young and single back then and now I'm with the man after His own heart whom He has set only for me. I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness in our lives.
God's wonderful creation
beautiful stars

The next morning, we had a joint fellowship with the church there and I was so blessed seeing young people taking over with their Sunday church program. Also, even the one who delivered the message. It spoke to me in so many ways. To keep on, trust God and believe. It's a privilege and so timely for my blog anniversary. Though I have a lot of fears and weaknesses, I know, there Iám strong. For His power is made perfect in my weakness. After all, this isn't about me, it is all about Him.

Happy 2nd year of blogging!

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