Blessed Beyond Measure: Our Love Story

This will be the start of my love series posts and what better way to start by sharing our love story, right? Although our love story was shared during our wedding, it's rightful to also share it here. Before we get started, here's a glimpse of our younger looking face, less than a year in our relationship whilst me rocking a short hair. ^^ 
This is just a few of the many photos we have together. It's obvious that we like taking pictures. Well, it's actually him who's really into photography. These were some of the shots taken from his digital camera before. As far as I know, this was his first big purchase and until then he got himself a more professional one which is the DSLR camera. It all happened during the time when only a few owned those gadgets. I'm saying this because, at that time, it was pretty expensive though until now professional cameras are really pricey but he got himself one. I guess he got his passion for photography from his late father who was once a professional photographer. 
Blessed Beyond Measure: Our Love Story

I may not be able to convey every single detail of our love story but I hope that this will still find you, that however rare true love is, it is something beautiful and definitely gives life real meaning...

Our path crossed in 2004 at a school campus, now it's not like our early teenage, young love kind of thing. We were already freshmen college at that time. Although we didn't take up the same course (both are computer related), we were on a block schedule for the first semester. I remember him having that warm personality, he has that vibe that can easily get along, as well as towards girls. His intention is pure friendship, genuine. I can say that this proves to be true because when he recently took a strength finder online exam (paid), his topmost strength is none other than: "Connectedness". I sometimes joke around him that, that is why I'm so bad with my social skills because he got it all. I was thinking that maybe that's one of the reasons why he got attracted to me, aside from my pretty face.haha..kidding aside. Besides socially awkward, I'm specifically aloof when it comes to boys (except personal related of course). I couldn't trace a guy friend, before. So it's not intentional, it's simply part of my Don't worry, I must say that I've gotten better nowI guess. And oh, I'm not one of the girls who always gosh about cute guys/boys at school, although I do have occasional 'crushes' which is pretty normal for a girl, that's it. That's why I couldn't really give out any sort of like eureka moments or feeling when we met. Anyways, with that being said, imagine him doing what he has to do to get to know me. How he was able to break the barrier or perhaps always carry a ladder with him to climb up the wall or maybe, just maybe he owns the right key to open the door between us. I swear, I didn't mean this to be all so cheesy...but this is a love series so you can let it slip away, right? ;)

And so, school life to me means being always with my girlfriends and yet time and time again, he is there. Sometimes, he would join our group at the same time he can always join others as well. We seldom talk and if we can, it's just part of the group fun talks, plain simple and short. Come second semester, no more block section though we still end up being classmate for some subjects. I guess this was really the defining time that it was obvious that he's interested in me. My last class happened to be located in front of his classroom which also happened to be his last class as well, but he's ahead for an hour or so. Every time, before I enter our room to take on my last class of the day, he is already standing and waiting for me in front of our room after his last class ended. It felt weird. How much more when he asked me if he can wait for me until my class ends so that he can walk me home. I mean, not literally at our doorstep (as if I would let him), but only to walk with me until I could ride a jeepney going home. It was fine because it's not going to be just the two of us. We have a friend/classmate (she) whom I'm always with. It was more like friendly/classmate thingy set up just happen to walk along together going home. 
Though my friend told me ones that it's as if he is courting me but I never discussed anything further about it. And oh, did I ever mention that I'm the one that's good in listening more than talking? Though there are times that I do open up. If my friend loves sharing her stories, then I'm all ears. You can count on me. Anyways, at that time, my conviction was so strong compared to entertaining or opening up discussion anything related to love. Since he is a natural born gamer, he'll spend his time waiting for me at an internet cafe beside our school, playing online games and would go back once he heard the bell ring. No sweat, right? And because of that, I did not treat him seriously, I don't want my friend to think that I cared. So whenever our professor ends the class early or we find out that our professor is not around, I and my friend will proceed in going home without him. Not to mention that was the only communication that we got. I hadn't owned any cell phone until I was in third-year college. There was even a time when my friend can't make it to the class for a few days, I totally freaked out. I don't want others to look at us as if we're on to something,  So, I took the courage and confront him to stop. I'm in no way of giving him hopes if there was any intention on his side. He stopped for few days, I admit that I got worried a bit but it turned out that it's not gonna stop him because he's back after few days. It's strange that I didn't feel total awkwardness around him, maybe because I don't feel pressure. You know what I mean, some boys if they do such things they are direct in confessing and that just doesn't work out well for me. Only at one certain point though that he did ask me about my view of having a boyfriend (this was still during first-year, second sem). I answered him without hesitation that I don't have any plans yet. That was it and from then on, he did not dare open up any conversation related to that. It seemed that his goal was to cultivate friendship instead, that thing that is so hard for him to earn. You might say that we are already friends at this point but I think he felt that he hasn't gotten any closer yet to that stage. Though we sometimes send chat messages and rarely forward email or text messages (even though I already owned a cell phone). You see, I still find it hard to act loosely and friendly at him when on campus, if we bump into each other (up to our fourth-year), I would just say hi and walk my way (even if it's just the two of us). I'm not kidding, but he endured. It was hard for him to get a normal conversation with me. This kind of set-up went on until we were fourth-year in college. I know it wasn't easy for him, he needed to be intentional and consistent with his effort without my cooperation. As we move on to next school year, fewer identical subjects, our department moved to a different and bigger location (during our third-year), the harder and lesser we communicate and see each other. And yet, his effort was evident. I could go on and mention all the things that he had done but this post would end up very long. I wasn't surprised when some of our classmates noticed and tag him as my "School Bus". 

With all of this, I couldn't deny the fact that I did feel something, it's something special that caught my attention and somehow shaken my peaceful world. I was truly happy being single, I enjoyed it very much and didn't long for anyone in particular soon. Along the way, I always seek God for guidance because I do believe that the heart can be deceitful. One time, during our third-year, out of nowhere, he shared about his friend that invited him to attend a bible study once a week. He eventually accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour as well as got baptized. Allow me to be clear that I didn't require him to do such thing or let him feel that it was part of my requirement or so. In fact, I couldn't think of a time that we discussed it though I'm pretty sure that he was aware of my view. I took it as a sign and yet I know it still wasn't the right time. Fast forward to the time that we're officially in a relationship. We were already college graduate and we both landed a job. Totally a lot of hard work from him. None can do the same if the intention was a mere admiration which is fleeting. Now I'm not saying that it should always take time for everyone. God knows whats best for us. Our love story was ordained by Him, it is rather slow but definitely noteworthy. 

I'm grateful to God that the younger version of me was rooted in Him and the position of my heart at a young age wasn't about any other else. I just know that it saved me from any possible needless heartaches. 

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