Blessed Beyond Measure: Our E-Session

We tend to have several confusions before engagement session. Probably the location to choose that would integrate into the theme you want to achieve is the most prevalent. Some couples would go all-out in creativity and also willing to spend an amount of time to go to a certain place that will include those picturesque sceneries. 

For us, we wanted it to be really personal which is close to our hearts and that would entail our story. As much as possible, it will look simple, reserve and will capture our love for each other that highlights a sense of sincerity. And one thing that will not look overly done. I'm happy that we were able to achieve it, I must admit that there were constraints along the way. The important thing is that we enjoyed and had fun. We managed to pull out four locations within the day. All were accessible which took approximately 10-15 mins from one location to another. 

Who says you can't do an engagement photoshoot near you? 
You bet!Blessed Beyond Measure: Our E-Session

 As you have known by now, we first met at a school campus which I've shared in the previous post. So it's pretty much self-explanatory why we have to fulfill this concept and not to mention my favorite "Yongseo" virtual couple had the same concept. I know it's not necessary to say but I can't help but spazz my "goguma" heart. ^^ 

Our initial plan was to conduct the photo shoot inside the library but too bad we weren't' allowed as it is not operational during weekends at that time. I had to personally go to the admin office and submit a letter of intent for a permit to conduct photoshoot within the premises. 

Although we didn't become an official couple during our school days, still our love started in a four-cornered wall of a brick building, canteen, long hallways, gym and big athletic ground settings.
Anyways, who wouldn't agree that a school love story is the best? 

school theme prenup
outdoor e-session
love story in school campus
walking hand in hand
✽ CAFE ✽
In the span of 9 years of our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, our date time is always spent in a mall. Either we watch a movie, eat out or spend it at a cafe. I know we're kinda boring,haha.. but we do travel once in a while and always with friends. Looking forward to our alone travel together, soon. Despite how boring it may sound, we honestly enjoyed this kind of set-up. It all boils down to whatever works well for the both of you. 

I love cafes, especially if it has a cute theme. This is definitely one of my favorites, it's small yet it looks so elegant and classy. Can we just appreciate all the details being put up in this cafe? The owner itself which happen to be the chef at the same time is welcoming. She even gave us some tips on how to handle the tea sets (these were all the way from outside the country) to look more "legit" with our late afternoon tea time. It was definitely a humbling experience. 
We appreciate the fact that they intentionally redesigned and included a bed for us to use during our shoot plus the place is exclusive if you book the place. And oh, they have different kinds of presents/giveaways that you can purchase (made to order). Our wedding giveaways were also made by them which I will be sharing in my upcoming post. 

I've heard good comments that this is such a great find place and I'm like giving a pat on my back and a wide grin on my face for a job well done with my scout location. :)

Location: Presents & Such
date night a a cute cafe
cute Cebu cafe
chilling at a fancy cafe
looking for cute wedding and gift ideas
As mentioned, we like to watch movies, it's because he is such a movie geek. So it's not a surprise that our first date is at the cinema. 
This concept was the most challenging. At one point, I thought we have to scratch it out from our list. From all the site visits, a short meeting with the manager and sending out emails to the appropriate department still, we fall short. The main reason is that it's too expensive (4 different mall cinemas already), thus we can't afford. And so, you can imagine how we're filled with joy to know that this one offers a reasonable rental price and their manager is approachable. Though we have to wait patiently until the day before our shoot for the permit to be approved by other departments and to gain our gate pass to enter the mall before mall hours. With that being said, a request for some personnel to come in early to supervise us. It's such a great relief after we're done with the shoot.

Location:SM Seaside Cebu (cinema)
cinema date night
we are movie goers
we love watching movies
inside the cinema


From all the laid-back and casual themes, we have to come up at least one formal concept. This is also special as the clothes that we wore were free of charge. Our wedding event contact from our wedding venue was so kind enough to give us a gift certificate from one of their participants who joined their wedding expo. The certificate was specifically for a wedding gown but since I had my wedding gown custom-made (which I will share in another post) already, we requested them to avail it for our prenup attire instead. The bridal store owner was also very kind enough to approve such request and was even helping us in choosing for the right attire that will suit our theme.
The detail of the gown (excluding the bolero which I bought) is very unique and I personally want the one that is fitted up to the waist and then flares at the bottom kind of style as it's totally different from my wedding dress. While the dark bluish barong is just the perfect match as well as the location. Without knowing we've highlighted the "filipiniana" feel which I'm very happy about because again this is an exact opposite of the vibe that we are up to on our wedding day. At least we got to experience both.

Location: Museo Sugbo
classic theme prenup
wearing a filipiniana and barong
magical night
love is everything

Click here to watch the video version: Engagement Session Photo SDE
Song: Love on the Weekend by John Mayer (Couple's Choice)
Photographer: Cheklits Photography

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