Jfashion: Trendy in Berry

Jfashion: Trendy in Berry
You might think that these shades seem off. It's summer or perhaps springtime for some and fall is so over. Relax, I know, but I live in a tropical country. We can wear whatever style we want in any type of weather we have outside. What I mean is that, if we want to wear a jacket on a hot day, it's totally fine. Unlike for other countries that experience a different type of season, you can't wear shorts and sleeveless on a cold winter day. I'm pretty sure you get what I mean.
I'm loving this berry/wine/maroon palette. I just think that it flatters my skin-tone. Even for the lip shade, it instantly brightens my face. At the same time, gold or metallic rose gold compliments my skin too. I'm not saying that I should stick to this color. Remember, dressing well is as much as the color hues you choose. 
a sophisticated look
Now to this pencil skirt, I'd be honest, I rarely wear this kind of style. I swear I love imagining myself wearing this fashion piece when I was still in my 20's but I simply don't look good on it. I adore girls who look effortlessly good. I'm not one of those lucky girls who's gifted with wide hips and long legs.
Over time my body shape has developed a bit and maybe because I've matured enough and learned to love myself even more. I got the confidence to try on different styles. Guess what, it's really not that bad. You just have to find a way which would be the right style that will fit you. 
I must say that the style of the skirt really add up to the look and helps in creating a curvy illusion. I always like to pair any high-waisted bottom with a crop top. If you don't have one, you may always tuck up any shirt to help elongate your legs and give emphasis to your skirt. Since I'm petite and don't have the height of a supermodel.haha.. I got to carry on trusty wedge sandals. Not too high, because you know I don't like super high heels, just wedge type and with the right heel height. 
styling a pencil skirt
confidence is key
effortless look

This style may not pass as your everyday look but this definitely is essential. You can wear it at events and even as work office outfit. And oh, adding it with a blazer will complete the look if you opt to use it at work.

Who else would agree that pencil skirt is such a staple style? 
It gives you a polished, put-together and profession-looking one.

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