To Be and Become

To Be and Become
Ahh, it's so nice to be back, kickin' and breathing in this space right here. 

I sure had been overthinking.
One thing is definite and has been growing over time—blogging.  I sure know that it's starting to make sense why my blog name has the word 'channel', it means that it's my desire to connect, help, and inspire people on a deeper level. 
It's never easy but I couldn't just shrug it off. This sounds like it's beginning to a more awkward situation, but I am awkward so bare with me. 

how to overcome feeling unqualified
flawed yet called
God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called.
As I've said before and yet again, "I am no expert". A flawed human being, struggling with nothing to be proud of. 
I mean I understand how precious I am in the sight of the Lord but who am I to be doing all this? What's the point in doing so? 
What is this life has for you?
More than anything else, I seek God's wisdom. One can have knowledge but don't have wisdom.
contentment and happiness in life

You may have known that last December, I married the love of my life. 
There was a lot going on, the reason being quite for a while here. I'll do my best to share bits and pieces of our love story and wedding. 
All I know that it's meant to be shared.
created my facebook page
One thing I have to share with you. Before, my boyfriend now husband was always telling me to create a facebook page for jhennyschannel. 
This one that I dreaded the most. 
I understand the benefits/advantages of having one. 
You see, the world is filled with people who have a lot to say. (horrible ones at times)
But the weird thing is that I'm starting to feel the need to start and create one. I can't explain why so abrupt. All I know that this is part of God's purpose for my life.
So, here it is. If you like to be updated on my blog then you may like my page.
You may click here and like. :)

Thank you and God bless!

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