The Big Three-O!

The Big Three-O!

Oh hello there! Yes, you! I just want to say hello and hope that you are doing good at this point in your life. I appreciate you giving some time in visiting my little and humble space. 

So, this is going to be a quick and personal update on my life. 
I just recently bid goodbye to my 20's. I still feel awkward at times entering this 30ish of my life. My mind is exactly in this state of confusion: "I'm still 29 until further notice".. haha. 

I cannot deny that God has inspired me with a lot of things. People always have something to say, just let them be. I cannot be more excited about the things that I'm going to take action through God's guidance.

looking young in your 30's

I respect my 20's, it might be slow and stuck up for some but it molded me on becoming who I am right now. I'd rather be God-dependent than self-dependent, humble rather than full of myself and lean on God's timing rather than my own. I trust God and always will be and I'm confident that the best things are yet to unfold. 

stronger and wiser

Few more days to go and I'm going to be facing a new chapter of my life. I've never been this anxious in my life but God is always faithful. He is in control. 

This might be my last blog post for the meantime but will see. 

Christmas is just around the corner, so let's spread some lovin'. 
Cheers to God's unfailing love! Blessings!

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