Jfashion: Layering Clothes

Good day everyone and welcome back to another Jfashion entry! :)
It has been raining, and days are especially cold, so as Christmas is coming. This time of the year makes you feel extra wintery. 
I picture out a gloomy day because honestly, it rained, so hard. I thought that it would be the best time for a fun shoot to be relevant when talking about rainy/cold weather outfit ideas. 
Just like that, the rain stopped and the sun immediately shines brightly. The weather didn't cooperate.
Jfashion: Layering Clothes
1. Wear your favorite collared shirt.
Let's just imagine the sound of the rain falling. That sound alone relaxes and eases away stress. You just want to lie in your bed and fall asleep but then the reality knocks you. You need to get up, dress up and take on today's responsibilities.
It's important to wear clothes that you are comfortable and will keep you warm in this cold days. 
Wear your favorite collared shirt and pair it with thick leggings. For a look that is soft and sophisticated. Let alone the legging that feels like you're in your pajamas. 
I personally prefer to still jazz up the look by layering an oversize cloth. If you want, you can throw an oversize jacket as well. Just make sure not to cover the collar, as long as it still peeks then I believe it pulls off the entire outfit.
how to style a denim jacket
2. Wear your denim jacket.
There are days that you still want to be all dressy but it's cold outside. A denim jacket is your perfect company. This look will definitely keep you warm at the same time it will give you a chic and trendy vibe.
I love how versatile and timeless a denim jacket can be. You can partner it with almost any desired outfit of the day. When you don't feel like putting it on, you can always tie it around your waist. 
It's that item that is definitely a must-have.
I usually finish off my outfit with a pair of shoes these days. It never fails to give me extra warmth and comfort.
how to style a collared t-shirt

layering clothes in a fun way
denim is a stable in your wardrobe

I hope that somehow you find this helpful and you all doing well in this rainy/cold season. 
Remember to enjoy every moment.
Stay chic and dry! 
Hope to see you again soon and God bless! 

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