Reasons Why I Love Girls Generation

It's the perfect time for me to share with you my love for a certain girl group. Since they just celebrated their 10th year anniversary which is, by the way, amazing, I'm gonna be sharing some of the reasons why I love them. Without a doubt, they are the best girl group in South Korea. Girls Generation is also known as SNSD. I believe this is the first time for me to open up about them here in my blog. So, are you ready to discover the other side of me? Let me take you to my fan girl world.
Reasons Why I Love Girls Generation

* Fashion *

Over time I've seen how the girls rocked different kinds of outfit. They really are fashion icons. From their coordinated stage performances outfits which always have embellishments on each while still constitutes as a team, to their airport fashion. I'm digging at their casual outfits. It's just soo me, I super love that simple, not too sexy, comfy and cute styles. Obviously, I'm a girly girl yet doesn't want to look at things exaggerating. 

Yep, you got it right. They are my fashion inspiration. In fact, what I'm wearing is inspired by them. You may check it here. I was thinking of doing more post about recreating their style. What do you think?

* Music *

I'm not a KPOP addict to start with, I just listen to songs from the artists that I like which usually boil down from 1 to 2 artists. I won't say that SNSD introduced me to KPOP because I got interested when I first heard a song from another girl group at that time. I really liked it that I eventually started watching their performances and started listening to their songs. That was the time that I entered the world of KPOP and because of that, I noticed SNSD. They were always one of the top list artists battling weekly. By the way, I just want to add that I'm really not into boy group and I don't know why. Well maybe there's one exception which is CNBLUE but it's a totally different story why I kinda like them and totally different level of a fangirl.  

When I started listening and checking out SNSD's performance, at first I was like, there's a lot going on. I mean, they consist of nine members. Far more than the usual girl group during that time. However, I liked their song. They were promoting 'Genie' at that time. From then on, my life has changed.haha. I was hooked and I even searched their previous albums and I loved every single song they released after that. It's the joy of listening to music you don't understand. It's music's magic. 

Girls generation inspired outfit idea

* Dancing *

Hard to say that I don't have a talent in dancing, every time I see them perform, I can't help but wish that someday I could do a dance cover even just one of their song. I know I had to set it aside.haha. I admit that there's this feeling of envy whenever I see teen fan girls perform dance cover. Worst when you see them being in a group and copy even their outfits. Yes, these are the times that you'll regret why you didn't take chances when you were young. Well, everybody has regrets.

Being in a large group can be tricky and hard to execute the dance routine, however, they always seem to show it easy and enjoyable every time they perform. That's the power of SNSD. :) 

* Their 'Soshi' Bond *

For those who don't know, they once lived in a dorm together. They spend most of their time together, away from their home they become family. 

* Their Goofiness / Dorkiness *

What can I say, I suggest you take a look at their tv guesting and see for yourself. If you need someone to laugh with, girl, you got me. 

Honestly, it's because of them that I got to really enjoy my youth.

* Hardworking * 

I know I can't say in words how hard they had to work in order to get into where they are now. They spent most of their life doing their best for their dream. They audition at a very young age. A lot of sacrifices that has to be done, hands down to their determination. 

It really pays all the hard work as it shows that they are the only girl group who come along this far and achieved a lot of awards and not to mention had done numerous successful solo concert may it be domestic or international.

I love girls generation

sone forever

It's inevitable that they will disband soon. But for a Sone, SNSD will forever be soaring high no matter what. For now, I will keep my hope that one day I'd be part of the pink ocean, listening to their song live, screaming my heart out. Until that day, I will keep on supporting them.

No matter how good the current girl groups are now, none can beat the legendary/queens. 

girls generation is the best girl group

It's good to have such powerful woman to look up to. How about you, to whom do you look up to? 

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