Sunkissed at Solea Mactan Resort

Sunkissed at Solea Mactan Resort
It's summertime! Just kidding! :) It's already rainy season in our country but I'm gonna be posting today about summer. Who cares? haha... If you live in a tropical country, any time can be summer. The rainy season may just come and go, but most of the time sun is out. This is the best reason that could go down why I have been really inactive for quite some time. There are times, I feel like I'm faking it, that I can keep up in this "blogging world". When I told my boyfriend and now my fiancĂ©, his response was plain and simple, " I'm just overwhelmed with a lot of ideas". You know that lightbulb moment, I know I should stop overthinking. (but I can't help it) and so it goes, I missed blogging! :) So, let's get started, shall we?
summer view
infinity pool
Pretty much my summer was all about spending in a nice resort, with a cool swimming pool, relaxing view and good food. I'm not referring to spending long hours traveling just to get to that place. It's a resort wherein you can take for an hour drive to get there. It's such a great steal, right? You wanted to relax in a nice place however with a limited time. Why not spend it at a resort near you? 
Solea Mactan Resort Cebu Resort is relatively new. I got interested in their pool that has a place for couches in the middle, the moment I saw it online. It's such a unique concept. Though, it's really not that comfortable when we got the chance to sat and took a picture because it's actually a foam and it's soaked with water. I don't know, I was expecting it like a water couch or so. Anyways, the variety of pool that they have is great. They also got an infinity pool in which I can say one of their main attraction. 
summer outfit ideas
beach time
We availed their day use which includes a lunch buffet. Their selection of food especially their dessert is quite impressive. There's this one dish that the three of us agreed that was really good. But then again when it comes to buffet, I always feel like I'm not giving justice on how much I paid because I'm not a big eater. I can't eat a lot in one sitting.
hotel lunch buffet
Their day use has an inclusion of 30 minutes kayak at their fish pond. For me, it's already enough time for every guest to enjoy. You'll end up having a satisfying arm and leg exercise.haha. As you can see, we were really enjoying it because it was indeed fun. You'll be able to see a lot of tiny flying fishes. A guy told us that we can actually feed the fishes as well but we don't have anything to feed them. Had we known, we could have brought a bread. 
kayak fun activity
adventure time
enjoying our whole day stay in a resort

One thing though that I need to mention, their restrooms was not good. Most of the door has broken locks, it's not clean and well ventilated. I can see that part of men's restroom is under renovation as well. I really hope that they will work on that. Other than that, we enjoyed our day trip to the resort and would still love to go back if we get the chance. 

How about you, would you consider spending your next trip to a resort near you? Or you're more on the adventurous side and would like to travel away from home? Whatever it is, I hope you get a chance to relax and have fun once in a while. :)

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