Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord
Whether or not 2016 has been good to you, it definitely left us with a thankful heart for all the lessons learned. Despite the tears shed, God's faithfulness remains. 

New Year blog post
I'm not a strong person. In fact, I'm emotional and a critical thinker. Trials, unanswered prayers were essential to my growth. Before I refuse to agree on that but I saw that it can be a blessing in disguise which benefited me the most. As much as I'd like to say that I'm a strong-willed person who's such a life enthusiast, I'd be lying. However, it's our flaws that make us human and challenges that make us really feel our existence. Had I become the other way around, I would not imagine myself doing this stuff. I mean, all the books about self-improvement and Christian books and related blog posts may not fascinate me. True enough that God has a purpose for each and every one of us.
For me, even if 2016 left a scar especially, to my boyfriend's family, there were still a lot of eventful moments that deserve to be grateful for. One that I'd like to mention is my blog. I'm continuously learning and growing. I've done the things that I didn't imagine I'm capable of plus I'm doing what I love. Not to mention, I'm endlessly happy dressing up. 
new year's resolution
Honestly, I'm excited on what's ahead. It's resting in God's sovereignty no matter what. Sure there will be doubts along the way but it's more on working on with myself. And girl, it's normal. 
We all struggle, in the different aspect of our life. We all make mistakes, nevertheless, it does not define you. As long as you cast it all to God and continue to trust and obey. God will inspire you along the way. I know you all have read and hear all these things but a relationship with God is definitely worth your while. 
God is good
God's promises to our life
trusting that the Lord is in control
May this year bring you so much favor. God didn't promise days without pain but He did promise to be with you. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Make this year your best ever!

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