Quiet Confidence

Quite Confidence
The ideal self in this world is being bold and on the spotlight.  We live in a culture that is biased against the distinct of traits, one being obvious is quite or introversion. We are being shown that loud is better, loud wins.  It encourages introverts to act as extroverts instead of acting as their best selves.  This is reflected mainly in schools and workplaces.  It's distressing to know that this leads to a waste of talent and happiness. 

Every time when confronted that my being introverted is not the right way to go and I should pass more of an extrovert always leaves me to a sense deep down that it's wrong. That introverts like me are pretty excellent as the way they are. Sure, it's essential that occasionally one must be bold and assertive. Just know that you are doing this for yourself to be better but never to erase or change who you really are in order to be accepted. I believe that God will give me favor with the people He wants me involved with. I'm happy that despite I'm taking the less traveled, I know I'm not alone.
think of the things on what really matters
accept yourself for who you are
decide today that you matter
Realize that solitude is an ingredient to creativity, but don't forget that once in a while to open up for the world to see because the world needs you. We are all unique, with different stories to tell. As for introversion, advice that works for others just doesn't seem to work well most of the time for us. Even though every bone in your body is telling you not to, but you had to put out with the stimulation almost every day. The reason because you are required and that you ought to. I tell you, you are so brave.

True confidence isn't generally about being bold and loud. It is the quiet and stillness inside you with a belief in your ability, skills, and value.

know your worth and that the right people will love you

 Because 'Quiet Confidence' can conquer the world  if it wants to. :)



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