Jfashion: Top Lace Dress

I love to dress up in church. This is partly because I used to wear a dress on Sunday service when I was younger. But I sometimes wear jeans too because that's when I'm most comfortable. 

Anyways, let's start talking about this dress. This lovely half lace dress creates an illusion of a separate piece. I love how it's designed to just flow like a crop lace top and how the pleated bottom swings naturally. Oh and the colors at the bottom; just look at that. The color combination is so cute. Altogether, the dress is just lovely for me.

outdoor water fountain as a background
  Happy is the woman who understands that God made her the way she is and wants to use her that way.
Sunday church cute dress outfit idea

styling a cute dress
My 'don't look at the camera' poses are too funny. Obviously very awkward.haha.. Well, at least I tried. :D
Since the top is too plain, I decided to put on a necklace. If you notice my bag has a ribbon on it. I personally thought that it's part of the entire bag when I purchased it. But when I got home, I noticed that it was actually a pouch. I just leave it there since I like it how it looks with a ribbon. Also, it's a good thing that my 'lippie' and necklace are kind of matchy. As well as my bag and sandals. Props tocolor-coordinatedd look!
go-to simple outfit
Argh! I'm taking so much time in writing. I'm being so lazy these days. (which I usually 'am) :( Maybe because of the weather. Though, this is actually a new post just a few days after my last post. wow!(progress grin)haha... I really hope that you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading and God bless! :)

Bag: Ayla
Sandals: Solemate

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