Jfashion: Blush Stripes

Hello, how are you? I hope you all doing fine. This time around, I'm trying out something that is not really my go-to outfit. As you all may know, I hardly ever own long/maxi dresses and a skirt. Maybe because I find it unflattering to my small body frame. So whenever I shop I usually skip that section, but this one is an exception.

To be honest, it's the color of the dress that got my attention. I'm all about pastel colors! Soft hues are timeless. A girl should add pastel colors in their wardrobe (that's what she said). 
Obviously, I fell in love with it from the time I fitted it. I don't really have a curvy shape but this one gives out an effortless sexy feel. I also loved how it's designed as semi turtleneck. You may accessorize this with a necklace to look more fashionable. Though I wished the slit on the side is not too high. I was thinking to do some quick fix on this one but I worry it might not turn out well. Yeah, I do some quick and easy fixes of my clothes if I felt like it doesn't suit me in some other part but really like the style and quality. Nonetheless, this is perfectly fine. You just need to make sure that you use thick and comfortable undergarment.  
typical mall goer
wearing pastel maxi dress

I also paired this with my black sneakers just because I wanted to be comfortable and keep my feet warm. Malls can sometimes really get cold and did I mentioned that I also brought with me a thin cardigan? coz' I easily get cold.hehe... Although, I personally think that this outfit looks best when paired with sandals. 

Horizontal stripes would tend to look you wider. So you might as well use trusty clothes/ accessories that could tone it down (if you prefer). Anyways, it all comes down to the style of the clothes and the body you are on. 

hunting for food
So here's us about to enjoy our food. We are basically, mall goers.haha... Thanks really to the 'boyfie'. 
mexican food dine
This is what you do when you are out of poses and you know that you have to work on it.haha..
making face

Way to go to end up a post huh? 

Shoes: Bershka
Bag: Parisian

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  1. ka sexy sa side slit. nice kaau wala kaau ka ni gain jenn.. :)