Fairy floss

Fairy floss
I wish I could say that I have a sweet tooth! In that way, I can easily state how I enjoy this kind of food but then I realized I also struggle with some digestive issue GERD ). Though it's not that bad that up to the point I'm not allowed to eat specific foods but as much as possible I have to have the awareness of my food intakes, but it really is a struggle which somehow causes mild anxiety.  Oh my, this is so not nice to open up a post. Anyhow, I might share more about this in the future.
So much of the rambling me; let's get back to this dessert heaven. From the time I've known about this one of a kind dessert right there and then I knew I had to feature this on my blog.  

at Room for Dessert, SM seaside Cebu
That 'Instagram worthy' ice cream on a cotton candy. I just had to take a pose. :D It's no surprise that almost all who went there ordered this one. The way how it is being presented is really the reason why customers are interested to try. Because of course, you cannot always see an ice cream with a cotton candy wrapped around it.
a cute way of indulging an ice cream

fluffy dessert with a nice outdoor background

The downside of this one is that it can get messy. The ice cream melts too quickly. I know it's a soft served ice cream, but come on it was just literally seconds they handed over this when I felt that it's already dripping. I had to request the boyfriend to quickly take a photo. Good thing we ordered only one and boyfriend got himself a smoothie instead. If it weren't the case, we might not have taken these photos because we will just be busy the entire time.
melting ice cream

SM seaside cebu cafes

This was taken before the different group of customers entered and tried the soft served ice cream. It was fun seeing them struggle as well with how fast the ice cream melted.haha.. It created a happy atmosphere in a way, as they laugh at it out while also taking pictures.

I will not say that this is a must try but if you are interested just like me then you might give it a go. By the way, the smoothie is actually as good as what my boyfriend said. He actually has a sweet tooth compared to me so I think their other desserts are worth a try. :)  

cebu cafe cute interior

And since the place outside the cafe is nice, I had to take some poses for my outfit. Lately, I've been obsessing with cute rompers. Here's one of the rompers I own at this point. I know I had to stop myself from buying another one.hehe...

rooftop mall area

outdoor wind breeze and sunset light
When the photographer is good with locating areas for photos but the model is just so not good at all.like at all!..hahaha..
cozy romper X white cardigan

Location: 3rd Flr, Skypark Area, SM Seaside Cebu


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  1. cute bitaw imong romper.. morag na curious ko anang cotton candy ice cream duh.. :D