Jfashion: Tickled Teal

Hello there! Aahh...finaly a new post! It felt like forever since my previous post. How I'm itching to start posting a new topic again. It just that sometimes life gets you occupied. The idea is there but situations are not cooperating though I know I also need to work on with my time management. Sounds like I'm such a busy 'working girl' but no I'm not!haha... Such a lame aspiring 'newbie' blogger. (pls forgive) 
I'm so excited in sharing with you my first ever outfit/fashion post. This has to be my favorite topic; fashion. I can see myself posting a lot of fashion ideas and inspiration cause why not? :D   
Let's start with this touch of teal color.
Day-off either means staying at home or going outside for a stroll. So when out and about, I'd love to wear comfy clothes yet still look cute. This simple v-neck top is a prefect combination of my skirt. I love how this skirt includes a short underneath which makes it even more comfortable. Since I like to highlight my clothing colors, I decided to go with neutral colors for my bag, shoes and other accessories. Fact about me is that I don't usually wear earrings. I do it for special occasions only. The last time was a long time ago like literally years because I easily get irritated whenever I wear one. :( and even necklaces.huhu... This one barely didn't irritate though I could feel that it's going to but I'm like "No! I need to start wearing jewelries for my fashion posts"..haha.. Not really sure what material I'm allergic to so I'm checking on what it is made of before buying one and still on the testing stage.hehe..
wearing a v-neck shirt and a cute skirt
When it comes to clothing, I don't really spend much on branded items though sometimes I do, if it's really worth it, then I indulge in shopping and splurge once in a while. But there are a lot of branded clothes that are too expensive when in fact you can buy that same style for a much cheaper price. It doesn't need to be branded and expensive but of course, if you have a lot of money to spare then you go girl! The important thing here is that you know how to check if that style fits you.
chilling at IT Park, Cebu
strolling around the park

Most of my clothes are from local stores and are given by my older sister. (perks of having a sister :D) With this being said, I could not be specific every time on where I bought this and that. It's either locally made/only available in my area or have it a long time ago which makes no sense in sharing because sharing what brand means you can still look for that store and buy the same item right? Anyways, if there is any then I'll do my best to share it. And maybe in the long run I can afford buying a lot of branded clothes and will surely share it with you.haha.. (who knows!)
everyday basic t-shirt ideas
No, I don't always look put together and wear nice clothes. A lot of times I wear just plain clothes but I have always loved fashion. I hope you get inspiration and will be able to use your old clothes to mix and match. 
loving day-off

Tune in for more JFashion moments! I promise it won't be long! :D

Top: Aeropostale
Watch: Casio
Earrings: H&M ( though I know it's not clear, it's actually a flower-shaped :D )

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