Boracay Adventure

I'll be sharing to you our summer getaway in Boracay last May 26-29. I know it's quite a short trip but we managed to enjoy every bit of it. I'm not gonna say that this is a form of a guide nor review or whatnot since I'm really not good at it. I'll just share our fun time experience and perhaps you may find it helpful.

We managed to reserve a hotel located in Station 3. It is still high season so it was kinda hard to check for the availability of hotels plus we opt for an affordable yet nice and if possible a walking distance to the beach. I mean there were available hotels but most are too pricey and we don't want to spend a lot of money on that just because we'll be spending most of our time outside. So much for that, we shall begin as this is gonna be a long post.
strolling around Boracay, Philippines

1. Helmet Diving
( Price: 600 per person for 15-20mins includes souvenir pictures in a CD)
The first activity that we did in the morning as the sea is still quiet and not so wavy.
Helmet diving morning activity
one of the souvenir picture
I was all smile but don't be fooled as I had a hard time depressurizing during the first minute underwater. I thought of going back to the boat because my ears were so painful but good thing the diver who assisted me was helpful and patiently waited for me to signal that I'm all good. Though that was not the case with my boyfriend and bestie. Maybe I'm just bad in following instructions or I let my fear get in the way. Anyways, all the fears went away as the view was amazing.

feeding fishes underwater
helmet diving while feeding the fishes
You will get to enjoy Boracay's sea bed with abundance of fish and corals. My favorite part was the fish-feeding time. The divers will give you pieces of bread to feed the fish. 
You really don't have to worry as the divers are hands-on in guiding you and making sure that you enjoy the activity to the fullest.
taking group picture underwater
You may also want to watch our video version experience. This is from my bestie's youtube channel :)

2. Parasailing
( Price: 1,500 per person for 15mins )
This adventure is the most expensive yet the most relaxing experience. We did it during late afternoon wherein it's no longer too sunny for us to really enjoy the entire view of the island. I must say I had a good scream from the time they unrolled the rope and the wind carried us skyward.
parasailing fun activity
I tell you, it can get really high but the view was amazing and the wind was so freeing. I spent most of the time watching and enjoying the view at the top.
pasailing group picture up above
We also got to scream our hearts out! I think the people in the boat can't hear us though and as long as you're not doing the warning signal that they instructed then they won't think anything bad happening. :D
enjoyed parasailing in Boracay, Philippines
Be guided that the activity doesn't include picture though they take pictures using their own camera and will let you decide if you want to print it but comes with a price for P150 each. They don't give you soft copy, so it's good if you bring your own and I think you can ask them to take pictures using your own camera. We just brought our GoPro device and purchased one souvenir printed photo.
Here's our video version still from bestie's channel :)

3. ATV Ride
( Price: 550 per person for 1hour )

We did this activity the next day late afternoon. It was such a thrill as it was my first time to ride an ATV vehicle and I know nothing about driving but of course the procedure was so simple. 

ATV ride afternoon adventure
But still I was scared!haha..
first time to ride a ATV

Off the road we go!
ATV ride in the streets of Boracay

We rode to Mt. Luho for a scenic view. This is such a fun activity and will give you energy. Also, you may want to use face mask as this is an open activity and it can get dusty.

Here's our video made by bestie.

4. Stand-up Paddle
( Price: 350 per hour but we managed to haggle down to 200 :D )

I gotta say that I got a lot of things to share about this activity, the fact that I was the one who was eager to try. Though I didn't imagine how hard it was to balance while standing on a board plus the beach wave was such a challenge.

a pose before we take on adventure to do stand-up paddle
 Bestie's first attempt was amazing, as always she is so good. :)
sunset stand-up paddle activity

On the other hand....c'mon the board and the paddle were so heavy, I can't even. Oh my!this is such a shame.haha...

having difficulty with stand-up paddle

PS: It was only at the latter that I've known the proper way to hold the paddle was to hold the grip.

stand-up paddle in the beautiful Boracay beach

And since I kept on falling and maybe due to my annoying OA scream though, 'kuya' decided to help and gave some tips. :D

stand-up paddle in an open beach is not easy

That moment when we're so game in doing the double stand-up paddle balance in such intense meanwhile the pro in paddle boarding was also captured using single leg! I'm pretty sure he's using both legs while paddling but at that time he might be just relaxing. :D

stand-up paddle with my girl friend
As if I lasted a long time paddling...
friends bonding in the beach
The truth is, bestie was the one doing the hardwork. She was paddling most of the time while I was relaxing and really enjoying the beautiful place.
beautiful beach view

Yes, it was already low tide so it shouldn't be that scary but still, I'm such a chicken.haha.. I got a hard time with this how much more the surfing thing. This just shows how much of a non-sporty person I am..haha.. Thanks to my bestie who helped me a lot. You're the best!

5. The Photoshoot

 How could we not take great travel photo on this such lovely place? The place is such a beauty, not to mention the powdery white sand beach.

Boracay Adventure

summer swimwear
summer feels!
Cheers to more travel adventures!
at Boracay station 1 where you can resist the white sand and beach
the bff signature pose ^^
bestie is such a natural while I'm pretty awkward in almost everything. :Pwhite beach calls for a cute swimwear

it's nice to be in a tropical country wherein you can enjoy beautiful white beaches
chic swimwear X scarf headband X cute sunnies = 
Walking barefoot on a hot day is really not a problem here as the sand does not get hot at all. I think it is because the sand is white thus, it does not absorb more light from the sun compare to darker sand. ( I might be wrong)
walking in the white sand beach
Here's the boyfriend/photographer 
afternoon walk in Boracay

Note: this is located in Station 1 where it's most white and powdery sand than the other stations. 

6. Fine Dine
Since it was our last night in Boracay, we looked for an eat all you can buffet. The place where we dined was so nice plus look at their pool. It must be nice staying there but one should have a bigger budget. :D 
Boracay resort
After indulging food, we walked around to buy some souvenir and took the opportunity to pose from one of the nicely made sand castle. 
amazing sand castle

You need to pay before you can take a picture of yourself with the sandcastle that they made.

And we also witnessed an amazing fire dancing unfold right before us. See the video from my boyfriend's channel. This includes slowmo effect for you to be able to see how insanely fast the dancer. Enjoy! :)

I'm still daydreaming of this place. Ahh, the pinkish sunset view. I must say this is the best sunset that I've witnessed and the best beach by far that I've been.

beautiful boracay beach

This is the one place that I won't mind going back again and again every summer but of course we shall go to other places as well. 

Till' next travel blog! :)

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